Solar Energy Kits For Home Power Production

Solar Energy Kits For Home Power Production

Why one should use solar energy kits for home power production. First of all we need to understand what are Solar Kits? Solar panels need to be installed when you plan to generate solar electricity at home. These panels convert solar energy into DC electricity for you to use. Though solar panels are not very expensive now-a-day but it certainly cost you as much as a few thousand rupees when purchased ready-made from a retail store. This might be a huge amount to ask of you as an initial investment for installation of grid connected / off-grid solar generation system. Today, Do It Yourself (DIY) solar kits are available in the market, both online and in retail stores. Such kits are very cheap compared to the solar panels and other balance of accessories must for installation. You can build your own solar panels with the help of such kits and spend only around Rupees 18500 for each solar module of 300 watt on the whole setup.

Solar Kit Contents

A solar kit contains all the various equipment and tools that you need to use to set up a solar power unit. Solar photo-voltaic cells are the basic components of solar panels, trapping the sun's radiated energy in the panel and converting it into useful electrical energy. Other components include sheet glass, copper wires, plywood supports, etc. One of the most important components of the solar kit is the instruction manual. This will provide you with detailed information regarding the setup and the maintenance of the solar power unit.

Balance of System in a Solar Energy Kit

A power inverter, mounting devices, switches, fuses and grounding system are also included in solar kits. You can either set the unit up on your roof, or on flat ground in your back yard. You must ensure proper clearance for the panels to receive maximum sunlight at all times. Without exposure to sunlight, the unit cannot generate any electricity.

Operating Solar Panels

Solar panels can generate power as soon as it is set up. It contains photo-voltaic cells that activate electrons to generate a DC voltage when sunlight falls on the panels. The DC voltage is directed towards a battery where the electrical power is then stored. The battery can provide a 12-volt DC power to be used. For the normal 110-volt AC power, the battery supplies the DC power to an inverter which converts it into the required AC signal. You can now use it to run any appliance that runs on electricity. Such a solar power unit lasts for around 25 years. Imagine the amount of money you can save over this period of time.

Various Advantages of Solar Energy Kits

Hence we see that solar kits have various advantages. It is much cheaper than the ready-made solar panels, cutting the cost of installation by up to one-tenth. The equipment and the instruction manuals are very descriptive and easy to follow, making it possible for you to set up the unit yourself. By using solar energy over the course of 25 years, you can save a huge amount of money that you would have spent on your electric bills otherwise. All these points make solar kits a great choice when you consider solar power for your home.

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Solar Energy Kits For Home Power Production
Solar Energy Kits For Home Power Production

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