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Save Money With Solar Power For Homes

Whenever we think and plan to save money with solar power for homes, the first and foremost thing comes in our mind is “how much do solar panels save on electricity bills? We need to take a second look upon this real and vital aspect “on how to save money”.

Save Money with Solar Power for Homes

Save Money with Solar Power for Homes

Save Money with Solar Power for Homes

Although we may already have changed our energy-saving lifestyle to conform to agreed recommendation on management of energy in our house, the monthly charges for our electricity and gas supplies consistently and coherently increase day by day. We therefore have to take a look at the current and modern technology of harnessing energy using solar power for homes.

Various Technologies to Save Money With Solar Power For Homes

Solar power is principally harnessing the free energy of the solar to generate electricity. There are two fundamental methods to generate electricity from the heat and light of the solar. First one is utilizing photo-voltaic (PV) that may harness the light from the solar and straightway changing it into DC electricity. The second is with concentrating solar power (CSP) that not directly converts the heat from the solar to electricity. CSP requires the refocusing of the heat of the solar rays right into a single point that can boil water. The super heated water will then be used to run the electricity and heat turbines (generators) that can finally generate electricity.

Methodology of CSP technique to Save Money With Solar Power For Homes

The CSP technology of renewable energy was adapted and embraced by Eco-friendly international nations and huge organizations to create electricity for the benefit of civilization, societies and communities. They use “solar farms”, arrays of curved mirrors that comply with the placement of the solar, to replicate all of the beams right into a single location i.e. focal point. This method may be very easy and had confirmed to achieve great success in harnessing of free solar energy. It additionally has a fundamental disadvantage, as it is rather harmful for use domestically. Energy savvy households have started using PV Solar modules at their residential houses. This technique, though not but very environment friendly and efficient, however, it is the modern technology to energy self-adequacy.

Use of Photovoltaic to Save Money With Solar Power For Homes

Photo-voltaic derived its title from two primary phrases. “Photo” means light, whereas “voltaic” means electricity. PV panels can be formed by placing positive and negative silicon between two non-reflective glasses. One of the sheets is treated with boron and the other phosphorous and this creates a positive and a negative electric charge. When the PV cells are illuminated by the sun rays, DC electricity is generated.

Harnessing of Sun to Save Money With Solar Power For Homes

PV panels can be directly connected to the electrical components that use direct current (DC). Most of our normal house appliances use alternating current (AC) and it is required to be hooked up to an electronic gadget often called solar inverter. When the sun is not consistently available to illuminate the Solar PV panels, the solar modules are usually used to charge the solar batteries that power up the house load and other electrical components.

How much do you get back from solar panels?

Initially, installation of solar power plant is little bit expensive with regards to upfront cost, as we have to invest on new devices like, solar panels, solar mounting structure, DC Connectors, Solar DC Wire, AJB, DJB, SPD, Lightening Arrester, Earthing, Solar Inverter, Solar Batteries etc. However, I must say that Return of Investment (ROI) is quite fast since the cost of installation is recoverable within 3 to 4 years hence, a consumer would get electricity free of cost for next 25 years.  We will be able to recover the cost as time progresses. Many people often ask me “do solar panels increase home value”? I would say Yes! Because one time investment would increase the home value for future being self-reliant while generating own electricity consistently for next 25 years at least.

How much do solar panels save on electricity bills?

Installation of solar panels is certainly going to reduce electric bill up to 90% month by month for next 25 years guaranteed.  You will be amazed to get reduced electric bill after solar panels month by month for next 25 years.  You will also thank yourself for taking this bold decision despite initial investment cost of installation of solar power at your home. Always look for ways to get ideas how to save solar energy at home after installation of grid connected rooftop solar power plant. While we contemplate to install solar power plant, first question comes up in our mind is “how much money do solar panels cost”? I know upfront cost being little bit pricey, but still it would be a great investment for the future since it is going to save you money consistently for next 25 years in the form of monthly electric bills.

Solar Subsidy to Save Money With Solar Power For Homes

In some countries like India, solar subsidies, tax rebates, solar generation incentives are offered by government institutions when solar power is used. Government of India, Ministry of new and Renewable Energy (MNRE) provides subsidy to the tunes of Rupees twenty thousand per kilowatt or 30% of the benchmark cost, whichever is less.  Often we tout Solar Panels – Future Path of Renewable Energy.  In other words we may describe solar energy as the way of the future energy. It is clean, effective and efficient. Producing it doesn’t create poisonous fumes that destroy our environment. The positive side of solar energy is that we are going to be self-sufficient in the matter of electricity. Just think about how much do solar panels save per month.

Are solar panels worth to ave Money With Solar Power For Homes

Solar Power is an investment better than investment in stocks and trading. It is a really a wise financial investment for increasing the value of home and house assets. By investing in solar power today, we may save for on electric bills for next 25 years, hence we can say it is the investment for our future.  Investing money in Solar Power for homes is also an investment into our bright future with respect to energy conservancy as well as environment safety. Investing in solar power for homes is the right direction, as it is the future of energy for self-reliance.

Contact DayRise Solar Enerdy upcoming Solar Energy Company

So whenever you are considering or contemplating to Save Money with Solar Power for Homes, look no further, simply contact thoroughly profession team of DayRise Solar to get the best quote online.

Solar Panels as future path of renewable energy is going to play an important and vital role to save money with solar power for homes.  For installation of grid connected rooftop Solar Power plants with or without subsidy, it would prove beneficial to approach highly skilled professional vendor for installation of solar power for homes or solar projects.  DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd Sonipat Haryana India is an upcoming solar company with expert and skilled professional with utmost success rate. Company has proven record of assisting house owners in facilitating help for processing of their applications for solar subsidy along with submission of requisite documents and certificates.

Always call DayRise Solar for solar panel savings calculator if you are planning to go green goes solar.  The Company may provide you a ready reckoner of upfront cost of solar panels in Sonipat Haryana India.

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How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy

How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy

There has been lot of talk about “How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy” everywhere in the media, internet and your friend circles through word of mouth.  Yes you are right! That is the new Mantra to reduce your electricity bills by harnessing the power of sun; i mean Solar Energy.

How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy

How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy

Every month you in all probability must be paying between Rupees 1000 to 2000 per 150 units of electricity consumed to the electrical company, and generally extra in the event of you personally hold a big house with electricity load. You would possibly assume that it is unavoidable except you need all of the meals in your fridge to go unhealthy, however its not. In Today’s ultra modern time, one can not remain without electricity or grid power. How a person could remain without use of Air-conditioner, coolers, fridge, room heaters, water heaters in extreme weather conditions, leave alone use of multimedia gadgets in the house. There are low cost and simple methods to drastically scale back your electricity invoice with out altering your way of life. You can produce some or the entire electricity that your property uses your self by means of harnessing the power of sun; I mean solar energy.

If you produce electricity your self, your dwelling can use that as an alternative of buying it from the electrical company, which normally charges heavily as per the quantity you use. Every kilowatt hour you produce is a kilowatt hour that you just wouldn’t have to purchase, and there are a number of methods to make electricity.

How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy with Govt Subsidy

The first and foremost means is solar panels by harnessing the power of Sun. Over a period of time, the Solar panels have now become reasonably cheaper due to productions of solar PV at large scale.  Leave the cheap methods of Do it yourself stuff since that kind of products would not run for 25 years or so.  The modern photo-voltaic PV are produced in a much faster way and warranted for 25 years as well as available at reasonable price in the market in abundance.   You can always contact an expert Solar Energy Consultant in your local area to get an analysis of your electrical bills so that your requirement of solar power plant could be assessed on the basis of your consumption of electricity.  Normally a solar power plant equivalent to your sanctioned load would be sufficient to reduce your electrical bills to the tune of Ninety percent.  For this an On-Grid Rooftop Solar power plant could be installed with string inverter and net metering facilities for which you would also be eligible for 30% Solar Subsidy as decided by Ministry of new and Renewable Energy i.e. MNRE, Government of India.  Availability of Solar Subsidy differs from State to State since 30% Centrally provided subsidy is controlled and regulated by the State Nodal Agencies i.e. SNA through District Authorities the final CFA competent to disburse the subsidy to the beneficiaries.  Govt of India, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy MNRE with the help of SNAs have simplified the procedure of applying and disbursing of subsidies through online web portals to practice the transparency in the system.

Since electricity needs an expert technician to handle to avoid any kind of untoward incident hence it is more or less becomes mandatory to always hire the service of Solar Energy experts, engineers, technicians whenever you want to install solar panels on your rooftops.  Do not depend upon your local electrician since Solar Energy science, techniques and methodology is very different than the knowledge of an common electrician.  A common electrician may be good to install a battery and inverter at your house, however for installation of solar power plants you would always require the services of an expert engineer from the field of Solar Energy.  The whole process would require online registration, application for subsidy, application for net metering and submission of subsidy documents to district authorities as well as digitally online alongside installation of solar power plants.  You may like to install from 1 Kilowatt to 500 Kilowatt as per the sanctioned load of your house, institutions, schools, colleges, NGOs, Trusts etc.  One kilowatt of solar power plant is sufficient to produce 4 to 5 units everyday and would save at least Rupees 1000 per month.  It would require 110 Square Feet of space per kilowatt for installation.  Residential, Institutional users alongwith reputed NGOs Trusts are eligible for solar subsidy to the tune of Rupees 20000 per kilowatt or 30% of the whole project cost which is less. Find more information about the Solar Energy Products to ascertain the facts about the type of solar power plants on product page of official website of DayRise Solar.

Initial cost for installation of solar power plant may be little bit higher, however in view of solar subsidies, bank loans, return of investment and present solar tariff, it is highly recommended to go for solar panels installation at your home, business, malls, school, colleges, universities, institutions, NGOs or dwellings.  Though commercial users, industries are not eligible for solar subsidy, however they may like to avail grid-tied solar panel installation to reduce their electric bills along with benefits in tax to the tunes of 40% or as applicable as per the Government orders in vogue.

How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy via DayRise Solar

DayRise Team of Solar Experts and Solar Energy Consultants may be reached either official telephones, emails or enquiry from provided at Contact page of Company’s website to get help, assistance or guidance for installation of solar power plants with best quality and reasonable prices.

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