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Where to buy Solar Panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana

Where to buy Solar Panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana

Where to buy Solar Panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana

Where to buy Solar Panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana

While we make research upon issues relating to the core question i.e. where to buy solar panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana, we must analyse few points concerning type of solar plant we wish to install. So first and foremost question arises in our mind is where to buy solar panels in our own city or local vendors. But before that I would recommend to explore the options of solar power plants we need for our households, dwellings, business, commercial sites, shopping malls etc. This become the sole criterion and deciding factor about the reply of our subject question. Let me further explain that we normally find three types of solar power plants in existence:-

1. On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant – Normally installed at such places where grid availability is almost for 24 hours and the user wishes to reduce his/her electric bills to the tunes of 90%.
2. Hybrid Rooftop Solar Power Plant – This would be implied for premises where grid availability is limited to 18 to 20 hours and the owner desire to cut down his electric bills as well as standby power backup system for 4-6 hours.
3. Off-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant – This is stand alone system, mostly used at such places where either there is no electricity or very limited like villages and towns etc. The owner wants full power backup in the absence of grid (electricity).

Choose wisely while selecting Solar Panels Installer

So, Once we have already decided the kind of plant we wish to install from the choices given above, we would certainly do a market research. Since the solar power plants needs to be installed by technically sound and expert person hence it is not recommended to adventure with DO IT YOURSELF stuff or any online gimmicks. We need to choose a solar vendor / system integrator / solar developer / EPC Company who are competent enough to integrate solar system with electric meters, inverters, batteries and other integral systems. Please do not ever be fooled by cheap quality or cheap vendors. Always do a market survey either online google search or local businesses to find out who is who and who is the best among available locally to get benefits of AFTER SALE SERVICE and maintenance of solar power plants.

So when we talk about our core question i.e. where to buy solar panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana, we are not buying the solar panels but we are hiring solar professionals for installation of rooftop solar power plants at our premises. The size of solar power plant may vary however even a smallest unit of 300 watt also needs an attention of a solar technician. Let it be a smaller or bigger plant, hiring of a technically sound professional becomes very much important in view of initial investment, size of plant and life of plant (normally 25 years).

I hope you now understand the value of a trained and thorough solar professional for installation of solar power plants. Let me make very clearly that it is not a simple of connecting wires but a pure science of solar is required to be applied in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). The job starts right from inviting quotations, agreement between user and vendor, site survey, documentation, payment, commissioning of plants, subsidy, net metering etc. However, for off-grid plants it is simply ordering and getting it installed from a trained professional solar technician / vendor.

Which Solar Panels to be Bought and from where?

You may like to buy solar panels from a variety of solar panel producers, including Sufuel Technology, Vikram Solar, Rhine Solar, Kirloskar, Microtech, HVR Solar, IB Solar, Waree, Mehar Solar, MSurya, Tata Power, Adani, Jinko, Canadian Solar. Prices of solar modules differs from brand to brand. Prices of solar Photovoltaic Modules also would differ as per the size, brand, wattage as well as voltage. To find out various rates of the panels you may like to visit DayRise Solar Enerdy’s Contact Page on its official Webisite DayRise Solar – One stop solution to your solar requirements or through telephonic communication given therein.Do not buy solar panels online or from cheap vendors. Since solar panels are worth to run 25 years and beyond hence your investment must be wise for the genuine Solar panels and not the fake one. Solar Power plants with cheap panels and low standard accessories would not stand for a longer period of 25 years thus forfeiting the basic purpose of your investment into solar energy. So think twice before buying cheap stuff. Let the expert team of DayRise Solar do the job for you. They are simply one call away and ever ready for consultation, site visits, quotation, price estimation, installation and commissioning of Solar Power Plants.

Where can I buy solar panels or get help for installation?

Before raising any query about rates of solar panels, you need to be doubly sure about what kind of solar power plant you need to install. There are various types of solar power plants i.e. On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plants, Hybrid Rooftop Solar Power Plants and Off-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plants. So, once you have determined the kind of plant you need to install at your residence, school, college, institute, commercial venture, malls, office etc, you may like to seek help of local solar developer or solar system integrator like DayRise Solar who are fully competent and technically expert in engineering, procurement, construction and installation of Solar Power Plants in Sonipat, Delhi NCR as well as Kurukshetra, Haryana region.

Do I really need to hire trained Solar Professional?

Solar Panel or solar power plant installation utterly needs sound knowledge, technical know-how and technical experts to consult, analyse and integrate a solar power plant with various components i.e. Solar Panels, connectors, wires, AJB, DJB, SPD, Lighting Arresters, Earthing, Net Meter etc. Since it involves electrification, hence strongly NOT RECOMMENDED “Do It Yourself” kind of stuff. Stay Away from so called tips, tricks and hacks about solar energy. Moreover your life is more precious than handling electricity yourself and inviting troubles for self and family. So, choose wisely, choose right equipment, right people to do the right job. Hope your understand the value of core professionalism.

Where can I install Solar Panels

Solar Panels are typically installed on rooftops, building tops, or stand-alone facilities. It is vital to install your solar panels facing south at tilted at 28 degree so that it gets the most direct sun exposure – you want to make sure your solar panel is maximally effective year round. To do this, there are several solar installer to help you properly set up and install your solar panels by tracking the position of the sun in the sky over the course of the year.

Essential Parts or Components of Solar Powr Plant

* Solar Panels – Should have 25 Years Warranty, BIS / MNRE Approved, A Grade, 4/5 BB and Minimum efficiency 16%
* Solar Mounting Structure – Should be MS Dip Hot galvanized or zinc / Epoxy coated to avoid rust, 5 yrs warranty
* Solar DC Wire – As per MNRE standards
* Solar MC4 MCY Connectors – As per MNRE Standards
* Array Junction Box – As per MNRE Standards
* Distribution Junction Box – As per MNRE Standards
* Surge Protection Devices – As per MNRE Standards
* Grid-Tied / Hybrid Solar Inverter – 5 Years warranty
* Solar Batteries – 5 Years Warranty
* Balance of System – As per MNRE Standard
* Off-Grid Solar Inverter – 2 Years warranty
* Off-Grid Solar Charge Controller / Solar Management Unit – 1 Year Warranty

Where to buy Solar Panels in Kurukshetra, Haryana with Installation and Net Metering

On-grid and Hybrid solar power plants would require to be connected with the Net Meter so that extra generation of electricity units by Solar could be exported into Grid and same could be taken back duirng night. This is good way to reduce your electric bill to the tune of 90% for next 25 years. If you are interested in reaping benefits from your solar panel investment, contact DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd to discover how you can turn your power meter backwards for profit and earn money from your Solar Power Plants.



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