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Advantages and Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources

While we discuss about Advantages and Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources, I can count on numerous Advantages versus Disadvantages. There are many aspects in favor and against renewable energy sources. Well before we ponder upon the main issue, it can be very significant that you not only know the broad topic of subject matter but also fully grasp these advantages and disadvantages involving renewable energy sources. This piece of information is meant to let you learn know-how about some of the major positives and negatives of solar energy panels, windmills energy and magnetic energy generating devices. It will be essential for you to distinguish these, so that you can be able to make the most effective selection yourself.

Advantages: Reasons In Support Of Advantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources

In our effort to learn Advantages and Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources, we would first contemplate reasons in favor of making use of renewable power:-

a) Advantages Involving Free Renewable Energy Sources.  The renewable energy sources are almost available free, or nearly free in abundance bestowed by our mother nature (depending on which device does one use). When you have sufficient funds or enough money to invest in to renewable energy devices, you’re saving money every single day. One time upfront cost or investment in to renewable energy pays consistently and coherently for next 25 years at least in the form of savings on electrical bills. Costs of electricity gained from oil and coal by means of fossil fuel will be constantly increasing every year as per global changing scenarios – so this factor will be a lot more important in favor to consider use of renewable sources.

b) Self Reliance in generation of own electricity.  An extra thing is that you may become self-reliant to generate your own electricity and completely independent from so-called electric power consortium or power kings, which is currently being controlled by the global energy market. All the natural resources available to the world have been captured by these so called power companies in the form of oil, coal, uranium and electricity. Only renewable energy sources are available freely to the mankind on the earth in the form of solar, wind and hydro energy. You only need right equipment to convert renewable energy sources in the unending electrical supply. One other good cause for using or switching into renewable energy devices is freedom from utility Grid who keeps on charging you every month in the form of electricity bills and invoices.

c) Who do not want to be eco-friendly? Everyone on the earth is highly concerned about the global warming and environmental issues. So everyone is looking to adopt clean, green and renewable energy to avoid use of fossil fuels. After that there is something bigger – we don’t wish to use power generating devices that pollute our air and environment. That is really crucial to make our mother Earth a better place to live on for us and our future generations. Once you take this aspect of environment into consideration, then it seems very sensible to use “free and renewable energy sources” technology available to mankind.
d) Solar Subsidy an Advantage involving sue of renewable energy sources.  Government of India (MNRE) in its clear move to achieve 100 GW by 2022, has decided to extend solar subsidies through Jawahar Lal Nehru Solar Mission via State Nodal Agencies and District Authorities to the tunes of Rupees 20,000 per kilowatt or 30% of the benchmark cost whichever is less. Residential, Institutional and NGO / NPO sector is eligible for solar subsidy. Commercial ventures are also benefitted by 40% Accelerated Deduction of Tax (ADT) other than Net Metering Facilities to reduce their electrical bills up to 90% for next 25 years by installing Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants at their premises.
The points enumerated show the positive aspects of renewable energy sources. There is also a negative aspect of this issue. Here’s a discussion of some of the negatives and against the use of renewable energy sources.

Disadvantages: Reasons In Favor Of Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources

a) The problem of access through GRID – Our DISCOM power distribution companies are not much enthusiast towards this new found technology. DISCOM’s staff is also not technologically sound to accept and work on renewable energy sources and its devices. If you ever use some renewable energy sources device that might produce the effect of small access problems created by the Power Companies. So called “renewable energy sources device / machines” aren’t being accepted heartily or supported by our current electricity distribution companies. There is no way that this could be a good thing. DISCOM’s SDO (Operations) act as nodal agency for implementation of Net metering for use of renewable energy sources. Most of the states allow you to install a Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant equivalent to your Sanctioned Load (SL) at your premises.

b) Next point is about trained professional of renewable energy sources. If you have some difficulties, or technical problems, you’d probably like to call someone and ask for help. The problem with renewable energy solutions is that there are not many people out there in the country who are truly competent in this field at the moment. These technologies are just still very new to the world. As these technologies will spread among wide common masses, this problem is believed to be tackled in a right manner. Highly skilled and thoroughly professional team of DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd may be always ready to help with regard to use and usage of renewable energy sources in and around Sonipat and Delhi NCR.

c) Several of these “renewable energy sources device / machines” have huge upfront cost in the beginning and costs a good deal of money, or usually are not really easy to build them on your own. A final justification to avoid using renewable energy sources is: many of “renewable energy sources device” costs a lot of money in the beginning. That especially pertains to solar panels, solar Inverters, Solar Batteries, Solar Mounting Structures and other balance of system for installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants. Solar batteries if installed as storage in off-grid solar power plants need recurrent replacement, thus costs heavily on the pocket of user. If you opt to use renewable energy sources / devices like solar batteries, wind energy, hydro energy and others, this may be crucial factor to consider.

Conclusion : Advantages and Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources

So there you have it. We have seen and examined all the aspects related to the advantages and disadvantages of making use of renewable energy sources. It is going to be next new-to-be-adopted universal phenomena, available for everybody; nonetheless it will surely appeal to a great many people all over world. You will want to look at the information presented to make your decision, for or against. The information presented here will certainly assist you to be well prepared to make the best and final decision whether to go for renewable energy sources or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources

Advantages and Disadvantages Involving Renewable Energy Sources

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