Step by Step Information for Solar Panel Installation in Panipat

Step by Step Information for Solar Panel Installation in Panipat

This Step by Step Information for Solar Panel Installation in Panipat will tackle the following subjects in this Article:

  • Which Solar Panels to be Bought
  • Where to Buy Solar Panels in Panipat
  • Solar Panels Installation Tips
  • Grid Tied Rooftop Solar Power Plants and Net Meters

Which Solar Panels to be Bought for Solar Panel Installation in Panipat?

My first and foremost advise would be to always look for quality, brand, efficiency, warranty, performance and price of course. Most of the time, price of a product becomes our first priority while ignoring the quality and efficiency of the product.  This might become the biggest mistake in selection of Solar Panels.  Clearly speaking, I would certainly look for whether the solar panels have been approved and tested by either MNRE, NISE or BIS for check of quality.  Secondly, I would ensure that the solar panel is providing highest efficiency at least above 16% and warranted for 25 years for performance along with product warranty.  The cells utilized has to be A Grade and Tier I sufficient enough to be categorized as CLASS A for application.  You could wish to purchase solar panels from quite a lot of solar panel producers, local vendors, distributors, EPC companies or straight from manufacturers like Sufuel Technology, Vikram Solar, Rhine Solar, Kirloskar, Microtech, HVR Saolar, IB Solar, Waree, Mehar Solar, Tata Power, Adani, Jinko and Canadian Solar etc. Prices of solar modules would differ from model to model and brand. Prices of solar Photo-voltaic Modules additionally would differ as per the scale, model, wattage in addition to voltage. To find out the most recent and current prices of Solar Modules of different brands of the panels it's possible you'll like to go to DayRise Solar Enerdy's Contact Page on its official Webisite DAYRISE SOLAR - One stop solution to your solar power requirements or by telephonic communication given therein. Do not buy solar panels on-line or from low cost distributors. Since solar panels are valued to run 25 years or more therefore your investment should be smart for the real Solar panels and never the fake. Solar Power plant with low cost panels and low customary equipment wouldn't stand for an extended time of 25 years thus forfeiting the fundamental objective of your investment into solar energy. So think twice before going for low cost stuff available in the market. In my opinion, instead of buying yourself, let the job be done by the expert and professional team of DayRise Solar. Professionally trained and skilled personnel of solar industry are the best judge to find out what is best for you thus avoiding inferior and low quality stuffs. They are merely one phone call away and ever prepared for meeting, premises / site visits, quotation, worth estimation, installation and commissioning of Solar Power Plants.

Where can I purchase solar panels or get assist for installation in Panipat?

Before elevating any question concerning charges of solar panels, you must be doubly positive about what sort of solar power plant you must install. There are varied kinds of solar power plants i.e. On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plants, Hybrid Rooftop Solar Power Plants and Off-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plants. Now we have to perceive the distinction between these three solar power plants. On-grid solar power plant is put in at such locations / the place where grid connectivity is for nearly 24 hours and the consumer needs to cut back his/her electrical bills for subsequent 25 years. Second form of plant i.e. Hybrid is required to be put in at such locations / the place where grid availability is for 18 to 20 hours a day and the consumer wants constant power supply backup benefits along with advantages of net meter to economize on electrical bills. The third and the final one Off-Grid solar power plant is required to be put in at such areas where the grid availability is both restricted or doesn't exist; therefore consumer wants power backup system by solar energy. So, after getting decided the form of plant you must install at your residence, faculty, school, institute, business enterprise, malls, workplace and many others, it's possible you'll like to seek assistance of native solar developer or solar system integrator like DayRise Solar who're totally competent and technically professional in engineering, procurement, development and Step by Step Information for Solar Panel Installation in Panipat, Sonipat Haryana & Delhi NCR area.

Why do you have to rent skilled Solar Professional for Solar Plant Installation in Panipat?

Solar Panel or solar power plant installation completely wants sound information, technical know-how and technical specialists to seek their advice for analysis and combining a solar power plant with varied parts i.e. Solar Panels, connectors, wires, AJB, DJB, SPD, Lighting Arresters, Earthing, Net Meter and many others. Since it includes electrification, therefore strongly NOT RECOMMENDED "Do It Yourself" form of stuff. Stay Away from so-called internet gimmick, suggestions, tips and tricks about solar energy. Moreover your life is extra precious than dealing with electricity your self and asking troubles for self and family members as well as the whole household. So, select correctly, select proper equipment, proper folks to do the appropriate job. Hope you have understood the worth of core professionalism.

Step by Step Guide for Solar Panel Installation in Panipat

Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) vide Govt of Haryana Notification No. 22/52/2005-5Power dated 21 Mar 16 has mandated that all private educational institutes, schools, colleges, hostels, technical, vocational education institutes, universities, private hospitals, nursing homes, industrial establishments, commercial establishments, malls, hotels, motels, banquet halls, new housing complexes and water lifting stations are to compulsorily install solar rooftop plants to meet their demands of electricity.  This would help these organisations to reduce their dependence on Grid as well as reduce their monthly bills to minimum i.e. MMC (Minimum Monthly Charges).

Solar Panels are put on rooftops, constructing tops, or stand-alone services. It is significant to install your solar panels going through south and tilted at 28 degree in order that it will get probably the most direct solar light - you need to make certain your solar panel is maximally efficient yr spherical. To do that, there are a number of solar installer that can assist you correctly arrange and install your solar panels by monitoring the place of the solar within the sky over the course of the yr.

A solar power plant will work for 25-30 yrs in clear day light. Common solar panels only need cleansing  in the name of maintenance. Solar PV generates electricity from photons of light, not Heat (plz keep in mind that).  One kWp solar plant generates 1500+ units a yr in Haryana.  Average 4-5 units a day for 300 sunny days. For cloudy days, it may still produce electricity though not 100% but at least 25% of its total producing capacity as long as you and me can see with naked eyes in day light.  Solar energy is air pollution free green energy. It is the most cost effective electricity in India now. Solar module are Warranted for 25-30 years.

DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd offers Services in Panipat

DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd is an EPC company based at Sonipat inside NCR Delhi offers solar panels, solar power plants and solar products with cost effective solar panel while maintaining high quality and optimum utilization of the equipment and gears. DayRise Solar offers services pertaining to all kinds of Solar Power Plant Installations like On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid Power Plants with or with out battery backup. The Company undertake turnkey projects for business establishments like hospitals, lodges, industries, resorts, ice cream parlors, dairy, ice manufacturing unit. For business installation and commercial ventures , the Govt. of India have facility of 40% Accelerated Tax Depreciation benefits alongside net metering facilities.

Essential Parts or Components of Solar Powr Plant

On-Grid / Hybrid Solar Power Plants with Subsidy and net metering facility

  • Solar Panels - Should have 25 Years Warranty, BIS / MNRE Approved, A Grade, Four/5 BB and Minimum efficiency 16%
  • Solar Mounting Structure - Should be MS Dip Hot galvanized or zinc / Epoxy coated to avoid rust, 5 yrs guarantee
  • Solar DC Wire - As per MNRE requirements
  • Solar MC4 MCY Connectors - As per MNRE Standards
  • Array Junction Box - As per MNRE Standards
  • Distribution Junction Box - As per MNRE Standards
  • Surge Protection Devices - As per MNRE Standards
  • Grid-Tied / Hybrid Solar Inverter - 5 Years guarantee
  • Solar Batteries - 5 Years Warranty
  • Balance of System - As per MNRE Standard
Solar Panels Installation with Net Meter services in Panipat

Govt of Haryana (HAREDA) is promoting rooftop solar power plants installation by providing subsidy @Rs.20,000 per kWp or 30% of the benchmark cost whichever is less for grid connected rooftop solar power plants ranging from 1 kWp to 500 kWp.  DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd helps its customers in processing of application for Solar Subsidy with HAREDA as per guidelines and central subsidy grant by MNRE, Govt of India.

Furthermore, Uttar Haryan Bijli Vitaran Nigam (UHBVN) and Dakshin Haryan Bijli Vitaran Nigam (DHBVN) would also provide an Incentive of Rs. 1 per unit in the consumers billing under Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants system including On-Grid and Hybrid solar plants.

On-grid and Hybrid solar power plant would require to be connected with the Net Meter in order that additional amount of electricity units which are over and above the requirement of your premises, would be exported into Grid and the same could be taken back during night time. This is the most appropriate approach to reduce your electrical bills to the tune of 90% for the next 25 years. If you have an interest in reaping the benefits of your solar panel investment, contact DayRise Solar Enerdy Pvt Ltd to find how you can flip your Electric meter backwards for revenue and earn cash out of your Solar Power Plants.

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