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You may like to book now the plant of your choice after getting through the various kinds of solar power plants details given below:-

On Grid Solar Power Plants Price Estimate



Go Solar and Get post-installation Subsidy of Rs.20,000/- per Kw or 30% of project cost on ON-GRID Rooftop Solar Power Plants in Haryana and Rs.18,500 per kW upfront subsidy in Delhi.

On-Grid Rooftop Solar power plant system where Grid is available almost 24 hours. Govt Subsidy and Net Metering facility available.

Categorywise Benchmark cost Per Watt

  • Single Phase
  • 1Kw Rs. 65,000 per kW
  • 2Kw Rs. 65,000 per kw
  • 3Kw Rs. 63,000 per kW
  • 4Kw Rs. 60,000 per kW
  • 5Kw Rs. 57,500 per kW
  • 10kw Rs.56000 per Kilowatt
  • 15kw Rs.53500 per Kilowatt
  • 20kw Rs.52000 per Kilowat
  • 25kw Rs.51000 per Kilowatt


  • Three Phase
  • 5Kw Rs. 60,000 per kW
  • 6Kw Rs. 59,000 per kW
  • 7Kw Rs. 58,000 per kW
  • 8Kw Rs. 58,000 per kW
  • 9Kw Rs. 57,000 per kW
  • 10Kw Rs. 56,000 per kW
  • 12Kw Rs. 55,000 per kW
  • 15Kw Rs. 53,500 per kW
  • 20Kw Rs. 52,000 per kW
  • 25Kw Rs. 51,000 per kW
  • SUBSIDY @Rs.20000 per Kilowatt
  • GST as applicable and freight as actual ++


  • Solar panels – 25 years performance warranty (90% for first 10 years and 80% for next 15 years)
  • Inverter MPPT Grid Tied Digital Display – 5 Years
  • Mounting Structure Galvanized MS Dip Hot as per MNRE standards – 5 years

MPPT : Maximum Power Point Tracker.

Hybrid Solar Power Plants Price Estimate


Hybrid Rooftop Solar power plant System where Grid is available almost 18 to 20 hours (Ongrid+standby power backup system). Batteries of MARATHON / OKAYA with 5 year on-site warranty included.

  • 5kw Rs.1,15,000 per Kilowatt
  • 10kw Rs.1,13,000 per Kilowatt
  • 15kw Rs.1,12,000 per Kilowatt
  • SUBSIDY @Rs.20000 per Kilowatt
  • GST as applicable and freight as actual ++
  • Batteries Extra, if required, Batteries Rates including 28%GST, Solar Batteries 150 AH 12V
  • Exide@Rs.16000 Each – 5 Years onsite
  • Okaya@ Rs.15000 Each- 5 Years onsite
  • Marathon@Rs.14000 Each- 5 Years onsite
  • Conventional Batteries 150 AH 12V
  • Omron@Rs.13000 Each – 3 Years onsite
  • All items as per Ministry of New and Renewable (MNRE) standards.

Off-Grid Rooftop Solar Plants Price Estimate



Off Grid system where Grid is limited (battery extra or customer already has battery)
No Subsidy

1000 Watt Double Battery System 24V

  • 1000 Watt – Rs.48000 with PWM controller Digital display 12-24V/50A 1 yr warranty
  • 1000 Watt – Rs.55000 with PWM Inverter Digital display 1700VA  2yrs warranty
  • 1000 Watt – Rs.57000 with PWM Inverter Digital display 2000VA 2yrs warranty
  • 1000 Watt- Rs.68000 with MPPT Inverter 1KVA Digital display 24V  2 yrs warranty

600 Watt Double Battery System 24V

  • 600 Watt – Rs.34000 with PWM controller Digital Display 12-24V/50A  1 yr warranty
  • 600 Watt – Rs.41000 with PWM Inverter Digital Display 1700VA  2 yrs warranty

500 Watt Double Battery System 24V

  • 500 Watt – Rs.26000 with PWM controller Digital display 12-24V/50A  1 yr warranty
  • 500 Watt – Rs.33000 with PWM Inverter digital display 1700VA  2 yrs warranty

300 Watt Single Battery System 12V

  • 300 Watt – Rs.19000 with PWM controller digital display 12V/25A  1 yr warranty
  • 300 Watt – Rs.23000 with PWM Inverter digital display 900VA  2 yrs warranty

PWM : Pulse Width Modulation.
MPPT : Maximum Power Point Tracker.

Note :
1. ON-GRID and HYBRID Plant of Domestic, institutional and NGO (NPO) sector is eligible for SUBSIDY @Rs.20000 per Kilowatt in Haryana and Rs.18,500 per kW in Delhi.
2. Commercial ventures are not eligible for Subsidy though Net Metering facility along with 40% ADT available.
3. Name of Beneficiary in electrical bill, AADHAR, PAN Card and Bank account has to be same in all documents to avail subsidy.
4. Atleast 110 sq ft rooftop empty space per kilowatt is required.
5. All paper work, assistance and coordination related to Subsidy, documentation with District authorities, State Nodal Agency and DISCOMs would be undertaken by DayRise Solar.
6. Cost of net meter, testing and verification fees for net meter as applicable is to be borne by the customer.
7. Any kind of RCC and civil work would be extra on customer’s account.
8. Fabrication of raised or Super Structure extra.
9. Contact us for a detailed and proper quotation on official letter head.


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